welcome to Shams Al Sabkha

Shams Al Sabkha Group was founded by a team of industry veterans with the objective to provide quality and cost effective services to the UAE construction sector and cater to the hospitality and retail/whole sale industry in Middle East & Africa.
Backed up with technical expertise, trained and dedicated work force of various nationalities, we have become the reliable name for quality support, services and can cater to any size and scale of construction activities, hotels, supermarkets, restaurants, hospitals, clinics, catering companies, traders and logistic companies. The team comes with a vast experience in construction, manufacturing, trading and operations of hotels and hospitals.
Suppliers, packers & manufacturers from India, China, Pakistan, turkey, US, Europe & UAE makes us reliable in servicing the needs of the client and surpass the expectation in terms of quality, services & price.

With the rising demand for efficient, cost effective and quality procurement, our company strives to execute good performance in its field through its exceptional qualities maintained.

  1. Expertise
  2. Integrity
  3. Scalability
  4. Cost Advantage

With its customer centric focus, we deploy our expertise in identifying the correct materials and suppliers, ensure our partners deal with integrity, assure our customers on the scalability of our services and distinctly provide cost advantage to our customers as a value addition.

clients we work for

why choose Shams Al Sabkha?

Our team comes with vast experience, which gives our partners the ability to make the right decision at a very short time and surpass expectations.

We ensure our partners deal with integrity and are transparent in all dealings.

As mentioned in our Tag line “ Small Enough to listen, Big enough to deliver” we always stretch ourselves to the maximum in adapting to the change and size of the requirement and continuously strive to maintain the attitude of growing together.

We work with manufactures and have long-term contracts, which enable us to provide the right pricing and can pass on volume discounts and rebates. We are also engaged in manufacturing household aluminum foil products by own machines.

our core skills

Trained and Dedicated Work Force
Technical Expert
Quality, Services & Price.

let’s work together on your new project